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What is Email My Webhooks?

Email My Webhooks sends you email based notifications whenever certain events are triggered on your Shopify store! You can select from a list of notification types and add multiple email addresses so that you and your team always stay up to date with your stores status. Best of all, Email My Webhooks is free! Install now and recieve 50 free monthly email notifications!

What is a Webhook?

Don't let this term confuse you, simply think of it as a notification. A webhook is a way to provide applications with real-time information that happens behind the scenes when an event happens. For example, when a customer account is created in Shopify, or an order is fulfilled. We take that event and turn it into a notification that you can read in a simple email.

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Our Features

Premium features are now available for Email My Webhooks!
  • 2000 - 10,000 free monthly emails with purchase of Plus or Ultra plan!
  • Improved email templates give you in depth details on your customers and notification details!

Notification Types:

  • Customer Creates an Account
  • Product is deleted
  • Refund is Created
  • Order is Created
  • Order is Fulfilled
  • Order is Cancelled